PACK 1188


tent and fire

**Questions about Pack 1188, Camp, uniform,  when to come, please contact John Rotter ( ,  207-522-4217).

2016-2017 Pack Calendar


  SUMMER CAMP 2017!:  Details for Camp Snyder and Camp PMI/Goshen have been updated on their respective pages, see below.

Also NEW for this year is a Medical Form and Risk Factor Form  (at the end of the medical form).  It has to be signed by a physician and is REQUIRED for  BOTH CAMPS.  NO FORM=NO CAMP.  See camp pages for details.

For more info on Camp Snyder, click here.  

For more info on Camp PMI at Goshen, click here.

(Lions/Tigers/Wolves: Camp Snyder July 14-16; Bears/Webelos: Goshen/Camp PMI July 16-22)

  New Scout Enrollment:  Are you new to Scouts or Pack 1188?  Please fill out the enrollment form, if you haven’t already done so and submit to John Rotter at

  Knights of Columbus Breakfast- Volunteer:  Support the Knights of Columbus Breakfast Mark your calendar for breakfast volunteering!  Click to SIGN UP

  Marywood Bingo – Volunteer:  Support your community and give back!  Click to SIGN UP

  Need Scout Books or Uniform Stuff?:  You can order online at or go to the Springfield Scout Store at 5232 Port Royal Rd, Springfield, VA 22151 (703) 321-4836

  New Scout Achievement Program:  There is a new Scout achievement program that is being introduced and has a new host named Ethan to walk your son through the achievements and the Scout ranks.  More information will be trickling down from your Den Leaders but if you want to read more about it here is some information:  Meet Ethan, Tiger Requirements, Wolf Requirements, Bear Requirements and Webelos with AOL Requirements. ALL Scouts need to complete the Cyber Chip Worksheet. HELP:  Please see John Rotter (,  207-522-4217) for Volunteer Positions.   We  need help, to keep the fun going!     


Highlights of What’s Coming up…. (see the calendar too) 

flower   June

  • 9-11- Graduation/Campout

flower   July

  • 14-16- Camp Snyder
  • 16-22- Camp PMI at Goshen

flower   August

  • 15- Pack Meeting