2018 Camp Snyder Information

2018 Snyder Summer Camp

2018 Medical Form and Risk Factor Form coming soon!

Parts A & B needed for BOTH Scout AND Parent. Part C not needed. NCAC Risk Factor Certification Form needed for parent and it DOES require a doctor’s signature.


For Camp Snyder, forms will be collected AT Camp Snyder upon arrival there.


All current scouts can go to Camp Snyder in Haymarket, VA; this includes kids that are currently in Kindergarten that will be eligible to join in June through our current Wolves and Bears.  We do encourage parents to attend with their Scout but to is not required. We generally have one adult for every two scouts.

When:    July 13-15

Where:  Camp William B. Snyder – 6100 Antioch Rd I Haymarket VA 20169;

This is an overnight camp.

Activities, Dining, Map, Special Dietary Needs:  An informational packet is provided to give participants an idea of what camp will be like, activities, and a map.



This camp is a great experience for these Scouts. It  gives them an idea of the many  things they can learn in Boy Scouts and is generally an  experience they will never forget.

What’s required?

You MAY NOT go to camp unless this medical form is completed. PART A and B AND the RISK FACTOR FORM are required to attend and must be completed for each child and adult attending.

2018 Medical Form and Risk Factor Form coming soon!