Getting Started with Pack 1188

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Welcome to the adventure!

Pack 1188 has been serving the greater Manassas region since 1974 and we are very excited that you are joining our family! We truly are a family – committed to our children and each other – and we seek to instill in our Scouts the values of Scouting. We understand that developing the character of our Scouts is an ongoing journey that requires the involvement of families who share values and are willing to support each other in this endeavor. We seek to provide our Scouts and their siblings a chance to learn about their world, the people in it, their peers, and themselves while emphasizing the values of Scouting so that as they grow they may seek out ways to serve others, lead, fulfill their potential, and hold fast to their values for the rest of their lives.

We believe in the potential of each Scout and work to help them understand their potential and that they are valuable for who they are. There may be pack and den competitions, but the goal of winning is not the emphasis. The joy of participating and having fun with others is the focus. Individual and group achievements are celebrated every step of the way with awards and recognition. We also want our Scouts to understand that it is OK if they make a mistake and that they can and should learn from their mistakes. Helping our Scouts learn to be resilient – to get back up and keep trying and keep smiling – will serve them well far beyond their time in Pack 1188.

We are a large and diverse pack! We have approximately 75 Scouts who attend over twelve different schools! We welcome families of all faith backgrounds. We seek to meet each family where they are and help them feel at home and truly a part of Pack 1188! To ensure such a diverse pack is successful takes dedicated parents willing to support the pack’s activities and willingness on your part to communicate and contribute to your Scout’s participation in the pack. If you need help to ensure your Scout can be there, please ask! If you need help in general, please ask! If you are able to help the pack, please do!

Our primary means of communicating with you is via email. Please read emails from the pack – they contain information you need or may provide information on opportunities or events. We also have a Pack 1188 website and Facebook page. Information is posted there too! When we need to confirm attendance at future events or numbers of participants we will utilize Signup Genius.

Pack 1188 is committed to serving others. We participate in monthly and annual service projects that support the community and we have donated to local charities from our fundraising efforts. We strive to foster in our Scouts a love of service, for we know that if they are able to embrace service when they are young they are more likely to make service a part of their lives as they grow. As parents, we can model service to our Scouts and their siblings by supporting their participation in Cub Scouts and by volunteering to help the pack. You have chosen an activity for your son where you get to actively participate – please take the time to be there and be a part of it – your Scout, their siblings, and you can thrive during your time with Pack 1188 and your family being here will help Pack 1188 thrive!

Yours in Scouting,

John Rotter – Cubmaster

Drew Cooney – Assistant Cubmaster

Joe Munsell – Committee Chair


Here is an important letter to our pack family about new procedures at our pack meeting. Pack 1188 Responsibilities for use of the Knights Hall